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India On The Move Essay

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India on the move
By Jazib Zahir
MBA students often study a case titled "India on the Move" published by Harvard Business School. The case touches upon recent attempts by the Indian government to liberalise the country's economy and this is cited as a key factor behind India's prodigious growth rate over the last two decades. The case conveys a sense of excitement around the business opportunities present in this vast land through facts, figures and analysis.
But you can't understand a country by reading about it anymore than you can understand business just by reviewing a textbook. Fortunately, I had a chance to visit some of the major cities in India for a few days and form some ...view middle of the document...

Under a national employment programme, rural citizens are guaranteed 100 days of employment by the state and this is enforced through a number of local bodies.
Symbols of the growing wealth of the population are ubiquitous. I saw dozens of billboards heralding the arrival of the iPhone 4. Luxury brands have found eager customers in Indian cities. Hermes has not only set up a shop in India, it has localised its goods by launching a line of saris. 
At the other end of the spectrum, I was most impressed by the commitment to lifting millions out of poverty through the use of innovative technologies and financial services. Consider the company FINO. It boasts proprietary electronic technology that facilitates rural households in accessing banking services and transferring payments. The showrooms for the Tata Nano automobile epitomise the efforts to bridge the poverty divide. Major players in off-grid energy solutions like dlight have formidable presence in the country. Regional entrepreneurs are highly respected and play a key role in providing access to basic services and utilities to the vast rural populations. 
That is not to say that the Indian business environment is devoid of problems. Local businessmen readily admit that the eastern portion of the country lacks the political stability and economic growth that characterises the rest. The number of political divisions in the country has reached 28 and is expected to rise further. Corruption, too, is an accepted way of life. Urban sprawl and traffic...

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