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Incorporating The Corporation Essay

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Incorporating the Corporation
Isaac Williams
June 23, 2014
Ryan Oba

Incorporating the Corporation

ABC, Inc. must encourage collaboration amidst employees to improve standards of preparation, organization, and overall awareness in order to combat the lack of structure and communication currently causing problems in their recruiting office.


Currently, ABC Inc.’s new campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, is having a difficult time with his first recruitment effort. Carl has hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carroll, the Operations ...view middle of the document...

Carl panicked because of a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing how to handle the situation. ABC, Inc. must encourage collaboration amidst employees to improve standards of preparation, organization, and overall awareness, in order to combat the lack of structure and communication currently causing problems in their recruiting office.

Key Problems

The lack of structure and disorganization of this corporation are astounding; they have created multiple problems for one of its newest members. Carl Robbins has been employed with ABC Inc. for six months, and still does not have the proper documentation to train his recruits. Over a month after these trainees were hired, Carl still hasn’t received all the required documentation and screenings. Some of these applicants might not even been eligible for hire. Somehow, two people have scheduled the training room for coinciding dates. This inefficiency will not only potentially delay the on-boarding of new employees, but runs the risk of costing ABC, Inc. money.

Alternative Solutions

There are many ways to go about remediating these issues. Carl can ask for an extension in the training process; allowing him more time to gather all necessary materials and documents and freeing up the training room schedule for his orientation. While this may be an easy solution, it also presents its own problems. Delaying the hire of these employees will have an immediate effect on productivity. These workers are being hired because there is need to fill a gap in Operations. The longer they aren’t working, the longer their jobs are going undone or someone else has to counterbalance their missing presence. Also, the longer this process takes, the longer Carl is forced to ignore other tasks. This course of action is an unpropitious solution.
Another option would be to continue the course. Carl is leading his first recruiting effort with this company, and this will be the first real impression of how he will succeed at his job. Carl is panicking, but he can still get things done in time. He can push for all applications and transcripts to be turned in, and schedule immediate drug screenings for all 15 hires. With two weeks to work with, Carl can still get all of his materials together. In a corporation as large as ABC Inc., he can turn to department heads for the required training materials and print out more copies. His main conflict will be with the training room. He might be able to talk Joe into sharing the room for a day, or he will have to find another place to hold his orientation. The uncertainty of this option casts doubt on its overall success.
The most favorable option would be for Carl to communicate his difficulties with his superiors and look to them for guidance and assistance. Carl is still relatively new at his job and he could use some help from those with more...

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