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Income And Gender Inequality In Todays World

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In President Obama 2012 State of the Union, he called it "the defining issue of our time." (CNN). Income inequality is the extent to which there is a distribution of revenue unevenly among the population. Unfortunate this creates a gap between the rich and everyone. It also gives the idea whether income distribution is fair or unfair. Income inequality is growing in the market day by day, and it is calculated based on the population present in the economy. The United States has a comparatively high level of income inequality results from labor market changes, changes in household composition, the shift from industrialized employment to high ...view middle of the document...

This form of inequality persists in all areas such as involvement in decision-making and promotion and professional careers (AAUW).
Men earn more than women in many nations on average have hourly salaries below those of their male colleagues. These wage differences vary as extensively as 10 - 40 percent, comparing and averaging the whole working population split by gender. Women seem to be short of time to receive more. They often have more jobs to do than just work for money; they have domestic responsibilities and not to mention sometimes sexually harassed by men, which creates career consequences that may lead to leave-taking or departure due to stress. On the other hand, women earn more than men due to either having equal or more education, work full time and have been able to negotiate their salaries (Wage
The gender wage gap is the reality that men and women work in different occupations; this accounts for up to 49.3% of the wage gap, according to some estimates. Women are much more likely than men to be clustered in just a few occupations, with nearly half of all working women 44.4 % employed in just 20 occupations, including secretaries and administrative assistants, registered nurses, and school teachers. In the meantime, about 34.8 % of men are employed in the top 20 occupations, including truck drivers, managers, and supervisors.
The most common marker for the gender wage gap asserts that women earn only 79% of men's...

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