Incident 6 2 Essay

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Incident 6-2
Laconya Bradshaw
MGT 210
October 13, 2011
Dr. Linda Wellborn

Incident 6-2
1. How would you answer Kim’s questions if you were Ed Jackson?
If I were Ed Jackson, I would have started with an apology also, but instead of telling Kim to calm down I would have simply told her not to worry, I would explain step-by-step the steps required to make an effective plan. For example, if I were having this conversation with Kim, this is what I would say:
Kim, there are a few basic questions you can follow to help you through the process.
1. What needs to be done to obtain objectives to complete the task?
2. Why does it need to be done?
3. When should it be done?
4. Who will be assigned to do it?
5. Which ...view middle of the document...

Each question should be answered with sub-ideas. I would figure out the objectives for the plan by using the SMART criteria which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Once the objectives are determined, I would action plan with the six questions. Once the action plan is finished, I would make a contingency plan for any problems that may occur as well as looking into all current existing policies and procedures. The last preparation tools I would use for the plan are determining a budget, improvement programs, human resources needs, and production plans. I would then talk with the employees as well as look at sales, cost, labor reports and so on. This would be information I would use for the development plan. Depending on what was in the departmental plan for the year is the information I would look at before submitting the report.
3. Do you think Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process was unusual? Why or why not?
I think Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process is normal for new managers. Most new managers are overwhelmed by new assignments and can see a simple process as being more complicated than it is. Kim has the qualifications to do the job; she just has not been properly informed of what was needed to make a report for the departmental plan. No matter how much experience a person has there are always opportunities to learn new information. Kim must remember in the future she should address any concerns about new duties immediately and not wait a day to speak to her manager.

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