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In The Next Room Essay

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Paper on Play Read in Class 2
In the Next Room

The story is about a group of people that are sexually frustrated with their loved ones. It begins with a couple named Mr. Daldry, and Mrs. Daldry, Mr. Daldry thinks that his wife Mrs. Daldry is ill with some kind of illness that made her not like what she used to be in their sex life, so they went to see a doctor named Mr. Givings. Mr. Givings had invited something ...view middle of the document...

Givings have the same illness as Mrs. Daldry .

The play is more like a dark comedy mixed with sad drama, you laugh and at the same time you feel sorry for the characters, like when Mrs. Givings said to her baby that she will find him a nice wet nurse with healthy milk, and then she was near tears, but she recovered. The play in the nearly end turned to be more serious.

The set will be divided into two rooms, the doctor office and the lobby.  At the play's climax, the actors step through the imaginary wall dividing the rooms to create the third and final scene, outdoors in the snow. Snow is used throughout the play as a symbol of love.
There is couple of things that I think might be difficult to approach during the play. The first thing is the dividing the stage into two rooms. To solve this problem we will need to have a large stage that can be divided into more than two rooms. The second problem is to let the audience feel and what the Mrs. Daldry feel in the scene where Dr. Giving is using the vibrator on her. To solve this problem we will but a vibrator set that vibrate every time the vibrator is being used.

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