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Ims Of Tcs In Pakistan Essay

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TCS Concept Simulator
SEA developed the Train Control System (TCS) Concept Simulator for the West Coast Route Modernisation project. A team of SEA engineers has developed, operated and maintained the Concept Simulator since 1998.
The Concept Simulator models the functional operation and inter-operation of key components of train control system architecture and the external systems to which the system interfaces. The simulator is valuable in the development and analysis of operational principles, and in assessing design trade-offs.
The SEA-designed facility simulates operation at ERTMS Levels 1, 2, and 3. Components include a Communications Network, a Network ...view middle of the document...

ERTMS operational modes and the transitions between them are simulated and ERTMS principles and procedures are followed.
Innovative Customer Information System (ICIS)
SEA's Innovative Customer Information System (ICIS) is capable of managing and displaying customer information, including real time information, in a visually dynamic manner. The system utilises intelligent screens and wireless technology to distribute data, thus minimising installation and commissioning efforts. The system will be suitable for any transport environment, mobile or static, including on-train, on-bus, railway station and bus station locations. The Split screen capability allows real timeinformation (arrivals, departures, delays and so on) to be viewed alongside other information such as marketing messages, security messages, live news feed and general information. The use of Wireless technology means that the display screens can be easily installed without the need to run data cabling. ICIS allows for Battery powered screens to be provided for temporary locations, for example, to provide quality of service messages in underground stations.
European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
SEA was involved in the development of the UK National ERTMS concept, including systems and safety assurance strategy. A key aim is the "de-risking" of complex, high-value programmes via assessment of requirements, engineering and operational simulations, and multi-disciplinary analysis of information. Our experience stems from in-depth teamwork with the West Coast Route Modernisation project, and with the National ERTMS Project.

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