Improving Organizational Performance Essay

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Week 3 Individual Assignment
“Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary
Diana Salisbury
November 8, 2010
University of Phoenix
Adinah Johnson
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Employees are concerned about their salaries being lower than freelancers. They are also upset that their stunts are routine and would like to do and learn more thrilling stunts. Being concerned about her employees’ job satisfaction levels, Celsey has hired Dream Teamworks, an organizational psychology consulting firm, to help her address the issue.
Improving Organizational Performance
The simulation is broken down into four phases. The first phase is to determine the primary cause for the low job satisfaction of the stunt performers. According to Airdevils’ job profile, 75% of the workforce is comprised of 75 stunt performers. Celsey administer Job Description Index (JDI) and Job in General (JIG) surveys to all of the Airdevils’ employees. The results of the survey showed low job satisfaction levels among the stunt performers. The underlying causes for the low levels of job satisfaction were that management did not listen to the stunt performers’ suggestions and their stunts were not challenging enough.
The second phase of the simulation was intervention with the stunt performers. Celsey decided to change this perception with a set of interventions. The interventions included training the stunt performers for other stunts, improve job design, rotation in industry meets, and allowing participation in open competitions. The interventions worked to increase job satisfaction and the company performance increased as well.
Since the invention worked so well, Celsey was able to move forward phase three – forming a stunt consultancy group. She felt was the real future of the business would be stunt consultancy. To test her idea, three people out of seven employees were picked to form an informal group. The group would prepare innovative stunt plans for some of their current customers. If the customers liked the plans and were willing to pay extra for stunts consultation, Celsey would see to it that Airdevils would create a separate stunts consultancy division. The division would mean added revenue for the company. The three individuals picked for the group shared similar attitudes and a low level of inter-personal conflict. The group had a good mixture and varied experience, elevated skill levels, and high emotional stability.
The fourth phase was to figure out why the support crewmembers were experiencing high levels of absenteeism and a diminishing moral. 20% of Airdevils workforce was the support crewmembers. Celsey asked Hans Evans, the Crew Manager for an explanation. Hans prepared a report for Celsey that outline the main reasons for the crewmember absenteeism was the high stress levels of the team. Crewmembers worked rigid, inflexible schedules. They also feared layoffs due to lack of knowledge of the new computer system. The interventions suggested by the simulation were to allow more flexible work schedules, offer stress-inoculation training, conduct more training on the new computer...

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