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Improving Health Care Essay

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Our community has some of the highest rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and sexually transmitted diseases, many factors of the high rates is simply because we do not have the proper standards set in place to prevent some of these preventable diseases such as diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases. Most citizens believe in order to improve the communities health we should put in place a law which grants universal health care to every citizen of the United States. Although I am not completely ...view middle of the document...

The simple fact is that most citizens in the underserved communities are uneducated and unaware of their poor health decisions physically, mentally, and sexually. I believe if the education systems improved we could prevent some of the health issues the communities are facing. For instance sexually transmitted disease are preventable when someone is practicing sex safely, however if someone is unaware of how to protect themselves they won’t. They have now exposed themselves to diseases that could have been prevented with the right education program. In other words with the a more effective education system notifying people of underserved communities of healthy choices and decisions we will see an improvement in our communities health.
Another way to improve our community’s health is to give them access to health care and services. These services should be specifically for the low income families so these services must be affordable. By providing health care services for the underserved communities this will almost guarantee an improvement in the health of our community. With out this change it will be difficult for the residents of these communities to maintain their health.

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