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Impression Management Essay

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Share at least one example of the worst impression management mistake that you have seen made by another. Discuss how the mistake affected your perception of the person.
The worst impression management mistake that I have seen was by a manager at my last job (bookstore). I worked for the company for almost 5 years and watched the way my manager played favorites and then denied it every time. It was on a daily occasion when I went into work that I would watch as my manager stood around with several of the male employees and one female employee talking sports. When I first started ...view middle of the document...

I lost respect for the manager and lead because they created a halo effect atmosphere in the workplace; if any employee didn’t want to work hard all they had to do was talk sports, which was the attribute the manager and lead used to develop an overall impression of a person (Uhl-Bien, p. 58). This resulted in tasks not getting done is a timely manner, the floor looking messy and unorganized and several disciplinary meetings telling the staff to work harder and deny favoritism.
What did you learn from the impression management mistake that you described?
I learned that in that kind of work environment everyone needs to be treated equally otherwise there will be unfair advantages for part of the staff and resentment from the rest of the staff.
How did that perception influence your behavior toward that person?
I still treated my manager and lead with respect since they were my superiors even though there was still resentment. Over the next year I was promoted to lead and worked side by side with the manager where I started bring it more to his attention that his actions are creating this lazy atmosphere in the workplace. Eventually with his disregard to my concerns and the continuous favoritism and complaints coming from associates I took the matter to upper management to resolve the issue.

Organizational Behavior Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J. R., & Osborn, R. N. 2014, 13th Edition

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