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Important Read This!!! Essay

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SONA 2014: Through Advancement of Programming
SONA 2014 highlights the achievements of the government on education, social services, economy, improvement, infrastructure, calamity efforts, jobs and security sector of the country. President Aquino bragged a lot of accomplishments this year. One of them is the P1.6 billion fund that was given to Training-for-Work Scholarship Program of TESDA. In my opinion, it can still be improved and a lot of people ...view middle of the document...

By developing a website that can record and track the scholars of the said program it can tell whether the benefits are really helping the person or not. In my personal experience, I learned that some people don’t deserve the scholarship they got and I met a lot of people who really need it. This website can also help the government on avoiding waste in funds.
It is common that every SONA, the President always make promises. President Aquino promises these solutions:
* Open alternative roads to EDSA
Advanced Programming can help in this area by providing a clear and informative website that displays the new alternative routes that will be opened. It should be shown on the LCD along the roads for the convenience of drivers.
* Opening of the Palawan Busuanga Airport
By also creating an instructive program or website, locals and tourists will be informed about the new airport that will also help in boosting the tourism rate in the country.
In today’s modern world, we should use the innovations in technology because it is beneficial and it provides ease in our work bringing convenience in our lives.

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