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Importance Of Security Of Personal Belongingsg

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PFC Racheau Lipscomb

Importance of Security of Personal Belongings

Accountability without security is definitely not the right answer to a successful business or working environment, take for example; your NCO or boss leaves you in charge of a simple task of moving one piece of equipment to another location without help. While your undergoing this process you leave your previous location where it is unsafe meaning anyone has access to it. Anything could happen within that span of time that your absent from your workspace. When you finish your task and head back to your work area, you discover something missing... This is where accountability would come hand to make sure all your secure work items are there, so that you may be able to hold accountable for what is missing. The Following paragraphs will explain Accountability and Security of personal belongings.

Accountability is the act of taking responsibility for that which falls under your domain—in other ...view middle of the document...

The brilliance and efficiency of a military is that it takes thousands of individuals and forms them into a machine. To call it a team would be to severely short-change what it is that the military achieves. Basic training in the United States, as well as other countries that use the same structure, are geared toward breaking through an individual’s sense of self and replacing it with a sense of being a part of a unit.

Ever since the days when the ancient Roman military devastated opponents with its awe-inspiring strategies and battle formations, militaries have been designed as a massive machine. This means that every single person within that machine absolutely must be accountable for his or her actions or the entire thing may break down. None of it would be possible without accountability.

Security is essential to maintain a functioning network and productive employees and soldiers. These security recommendations should be implemented to ensure a safe and secure operating network where there are minimal fears from outside influences such as viruses, spam and hacking activities. An electronic workplace policy will be implemented to protect the network from within. All employees are required to follow the electronic workplace policy which states that they are not to install any unauthorized software or hardware on company equipment. Violations of the electronic workplace policy will be grounds for disciplinary action leading to termination of contracts . This is a necessary tactic used to ensure business equipment is used for business and not for personal pleasure or personal business, to protect this size of a network from viruses and worms, there will be an email and file extension filtering program that scans through the Los Angeles central location.

In closing I would like to quote that everyone in the world makes mistakes and the only way we can go about fixing this error is by keeping everyone in check even if it seems mundane or annoying. Security and accountability work hand in hand to make working more efficient and productive amongst customers and workers alike. CPL. Edwards I would to thank you for making me realize how important it is to check behind myself when working with others. Making sure my priorities are right before helping others. Thank you for your Service!

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