"Importance Of Garments Washing In Retailing Business”

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“Importance of Garments Washing in Retailing Business”

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Sumon Mazumder
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Sabbir Ahmed Majumder

Date of Submission: 05.08.2013

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7) To know the different types of garments washing machine.
8) To know various types chemicals used in garments washing.
9) To know the customer demand washing in the garments industry.
10) To know the fashion out look of a ready made garments.
11) To know the various types of garments washing faults.


Washing is one of the most important finishing treatments applied on apparels that have great usage to create special outlooks and improving the fashion. Technologically denim washing is the most important fashion element for clothing industry. Usually the term ‘washing’ is most significantly applied in case of sewn apparels so it is very essential to observe the effects that have been made by particular washing on the fabrics to hold the qualities of sewn apparels.[1] The aim of this assignment is to know about the garments washing in details. Garments washing can be done in all types of fabrics such as Denim, Twill, Knit, Poplin, Canvas, Corduroy, Polyester, Viscose & Nylon etc. Different types of washes like normal, enzyme, stone, silicon, sandblasting, acid etc can be done for garments washing.


Washing process in which heavy or slight soiling is removed and transferred to the water in the form of a solution or dispersion. Washing has the effect of cleaning surfaces. The resulting effect is several physical/ chemical processes. Garment washing is the best touch of a garment. Same type of garments can produce several effects for several wash. To create wash look appearance, seems the new touch of fashion. [2]

In the readymade garment sector garments’ washing is a new technology. After making garment from solid color dyed or pigment printed fabric, the garments are washed. By garment washing color, hand feel, outlook of garments are modified. Normally garment washing means cleaning.

Washing is one of the most important finishing treatments applied on apparels that have great usage to create special outlooks and improving the fashion. Technologically denim washing is the most important fashion element for clothing industry. Usually the term ‘washing' is most significantly applied in case of sewn apparels so it is very essential to observe the effects that have been made by particular washing on the fabrics to hold the qualities of sewn apparels.

As a result outlook is improved in the garments which are not possible in other method. Moreover due to washing starch materials of the garments are removed and garments can be worn directly after buying from shop.

Garment Washing
It is a new technology by which outlook, size, comfort ability & fashion   etc   properties   are changed   of a Garment   are called   Garments Washing.  The technology was first   developed   in 1988.  Before   this washing   was done   in   Hong Kong, Singapore & some other   country.

Depending on garments construction different types of washing process can be done.

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