Importance Of Driving Essay

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Question 1: Your driver license may be suspended for causing:Correct: One serious collisionQuestion 2: You can lawfully allow an object to extend beyond the left side of your vehicle:Correct: 3 inchesQuestion 3: What is the minimum age to get a license?Correct: 16 with an approved driver education course
Question 4: What is the maximum fine for a conviction of driving without a valid driver license?Correct: $200Question5: Your driver license may ...view middle of the document...

bject to license and vehicle registration suspension when accident damages amount to:
Correct: At least $1000 to property of one person
Question 7: A person 's driver license will automatically be suspended if convicted of:
Incorrect: Violating a restriction on your license IDK
Question 8: If you are required to show proof of financial responsibility for the future, for how many years must the proof be kept?
Incorrect: 3 years ANSWER IS TWO YEARS
Question 9: If you move, how many days do you have before you must report your change of address to the Department of Public Safety?
Correct: 30 days
Question 10: Not including thinking distance, lawful brakes must stop a car at 20 miles per hour within how many feet?
Correct: 25 feet
Question 1: When a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of you, you should:
Correct: Stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds
Question 2: Once you have stopped for a school bus, do not pass until the driver signals you to proceed, the red lights stop flashing, or:
Correct: The bus starts moving ahead
Question 3: When possible, pedestrians should walk:
Incorrect: On the left side of the road facing traffic
Question 4: When entering a street from a private alley or

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