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Importance Of Computer Skills Essay

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09/08/11 An important skill person should learn to be successful If you ask people what they think is the most important skill to be successful in the world, you will get a variety of answers, but most people will give the same reason as mine - Computer skills are the most important skills a person should have. Computers are an ...view middle of the document...

They use online chat rooms, messengers and social networking websites. They play game with each other. Recently, school teacher and students also have started using it to communicate, for example, if a teacher has an assignment , she just send an email to the students. It is quicker and easier than ordinary means. Computer skills help a person to find a good job. When we start searching for a job we find that computer skills are a required skill for every job. Whether you work as a receptionist , sales person or a office clerk, you have to operate a computer. Computer skills improve or increase your work efficiency. You can calculate a very hard math problem on a computer easily. You can easily save and store your files in a short time and retrieve them whenever you need. If you are an engineer you can control machines automatically with the help of a computer. Although there are many other important skills for a person to succeed in today’s world but with computer skills you can make your work simplified.

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