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Implementation Thesis Essay

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Modern life is associated with amenities and luxuries that people enjoy the convenience, this include appliances, personal; gadgetry, high rise condominiums, hotels recreation centers, furniture and fixtures. Mass production techniques and practices paved the way for availability of such goods that are affordable it manly, the advent of new materials like plastic and vinyl provided the convenience that was unheard of in the past.
People now live in concrete structures, through modern fabrication method: building components can be assembled imp matter of days. Provision of interior decorations is relatively done easily by widespread ...view middle of the document...

Fire department was organized primarily to provide the fire protection services to the community. Traditionally, their role is to systematically extinguish fire in case it occurs and to prevents fire through enforcement of life safety codes. Today fire departments assume multiple roles, when fire protection professionals and the citizenry became aware of the dangers that we are confronting today. These include conduct of disaster mitigation efforts during floods, earthquakes and explosions, emergency medical response to the threatening situations, public education, information and relation campaigns to promote fire safety, prevention of harm and other broader roles related to preservation of lives and properties.
Fire protection service must adopt performance and high impact programs and projects to address community problems and provide basic services. It should give credence to accountability and practice cost-effective implementation of its programs, It should explore alternatives in view of improving its efficiency and make use of available technologies to improve its services and control cost.
It is of importance for the welfare of a community to attain some degree of knowledge on how to handle fires not only during ordinary times but at most on emergency cases. Fires may be man’s friend or foe, Fire is friendly when we make good use of them like in cooking, forging, tools, clearing debris, melting ores and precious metals to name a few of the good uses of fire. However in times when fire is uncontrolled, it become our worst foe, Fire snuff out lives of our relatives, bring down business and destroy everything they come in contact with,
Fire education then us vital in every community. It prepares people to be alert and calm when fire occurs. The logic of successful fire fighting is by educating the people in every community on how to combat fire. The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) has a fire prevention program formulated to prepare every individual or office in a community. Fire drills are staged in schools to prepare school children on what to do during fire outbreaks. Communities are equipped with fire fighting gears and vehicles to make q quick responses to emergencies. Fire brigades are formed and trained for systematic action. This however, is useless without the full support and cooperation of the community, government agencies and the private sector. The common enemy is identified as an uncontrolled fire. Fires can put down the whole business, houses and even lives of our loved ones....

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