Implementation Post Closing Integration Essay

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Implementation Post Closing Integration


Communication Plan:
EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS Employee communications should include all employees of both organizations and could include the following elements: Executive/Senior Management/Key Employee Communication: Key “need-to-know” employees will be informed as determined by decision-makers and legal counsel. Initial Announcement: All-employee meeting immediately following definitive agreement, with hand-out packet of information
1) Media contacts and procedures
2) Initial press release
3) FAQs & talking points
4) Timetable as known
5) General employee impacts as known (or not)
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FAQs: Develop a base FAQ document, to update continuously as more information is made available and/or questions arise – for availability in branch and on web site(s) Product & Service Change Notification: As applicable, develop and send communications to account holders impacted by changes, to include description of changes, impacts and options; supporting collateral; applicable disclosures/terms & conditions; etc. Depending on scope of changes and conversion plans, existing account holders may also need to be included in the notification process. Branch Changes/Closures: If applicable, notify account holders identified with impacted branches of the changes/closures by mail, email and targeted phone calls. Customer/Member Calls: Identify and assign calling of key and/or high risk customers/ members – including recovery calls to those closing accounts. Customer/Member Feedback: Develop process for addressing account holder concerns and questions (and link back to FAQs as appropriate).Ongoing Communications: Develop targeted, multi-channel customer/member onboarding, retention and cross-sell communications plan and calendar.
The Toyota/Tesla offer the opportunity for the employees to expand their opportunities by being a part of a larger corporation, which spans across more regions. Communications will be given at every step during the merger so that all employees know the status of their positions in the company. This merger is focused on growth, not downsizing and no lay-offs are intended. Main tactics to communicate with employees will be through bulletins, e-mails, notices, meetings and the new intranet system.
Employees, customers, vendors, community members and other key audiences hold specific interests in every company. To facilitate a smooth transition, companies must provide clear and concise information about the merger or acquisition to all stakeholders.
Implementing a transparent communications program ensures that all interested parties understand exactly how the deal will affect them. Without transparency, stakeholders begin to lose confidence. Flawless response time and a defined communication strategy are crucial to effectively ease any concerns.
Employee Retention:
An important consideration for Buyers is the retention of key employees throughout and after the acquisition process. For many companies, the majority of enterprise value derives from the employees themselves. It is a common saying in such companies that “most of their assets walk out the door every night.” While this is somewhat true for all companies, it is particularly true for software makers, companies with significant R&D departments, and companies whose business relies on personal relationships with the customer.

Employee retention should be addressed fairly early in the acquisition process, before the deal has become public to the employees. Potential Targets are well advised to have such policies in...

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