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Impact Of Training Essay

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Impact of training and development
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According to Brown & Sitzmann (2011), training grants a focal prospect to broaden the understanding bases of all personnel, but about this, most managers find training and development of employees costly. Individuals can also miss work while attending training conferences, which may hinder the accomplishment of set objectives. Noe (2014), state that notwithstanding the potential downsides, training and development deliver both the employee and the firm as a whole with profits that make time and cost a worthy investment.
Through training and development of an employee, weaknesses are addressed (Costen & ...view middle of the document...

Such confidence levels push these individuals to perform even better and broaden their thinking capacities to come up with new ideas hence helping them excel. Having employees that are competent and living up to the expectations help a firm to hold the position as a leader in the industry and have a strong competition grounds.
A well-structured training program guarantees that staffs have a unswerving experience and background awareness (Bulut & Culha, 2010) O. Such consistency is vital for the firm’s basic policies and procedure. In every organization, all employees are expected to familiarize with the prospects and procedure within the organization. An example of such includes safety, administrative tasks, and discrimination in the workplace. Having employees acquainted in these areas ensures that all the employees have the information.
Noe (2014) states that employee’s motivation, organizational attachment and job satisfaction are the basics that define an worker’s productivity. Employees who have contact to training and development and facilities have the upper hand of advantages in comparison to personnel in other firms who are in the dark to search for training and development programs by themselves. Investing time and resources in promoting the training and the development of employees within an organization shows that they are valued. Through training, a supportive workplace environment is created (Bulut & Culha, 2010). In such an...

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