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Impact Of Globalisation On Labor Market And Industrialisation

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Title Page 2
Overview: 6
Public vs Private Sectors 8
Differentiate between formal & informal Sectors: 8
Private Sector Reforms: 9
Public Sector Reforms: 10
Primary Research: 12
Secondary Research: 12
Factors Contributing to the Change of Industrial Relations in the Region 12
Labor Reform Policies: 12
Globalization : 13
Economic integration 14
Change in Technology 14
Changes in Labor Law and Attitude towards Unions 15
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It is not intended to be exhaustive but it will simply show the diversity and complexity of the issue.

The Ministry of Labor’s Corporate Service is tasked with the efficient management, administration and coordination of internal services in relation to finance, personnel and material assets in support of the Ministry's core services.
In Fiji, the Ministry is responsible for promoting and improving productivity in all workplaces, provide Secretariat duties to the Employment Relations Advisory Board (ERAB), and facilitate the fulfillment of Fiji's obligations as a member state of the ILO and also the expeditious disposal of APO matters. Responsible for the compliance functions of the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007 (ERP) and its subsidiary Regulations. The Service deals mainly with the minimum terms and conditions of employment in Fiji. Responsible for the enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1996 and its subsidiary legislation and the Workmen's Compensation Act (Cap. 98). The Service aims to promote and maintain a working environment, which is healthy and safe to both workers and employers and directly contributes to improved productivity. Responsible for employment disputes or grievances and determine aspects of law relating to employment matters including appeals, offenses, all actions for the recovery of penalties, compliance orders and other functions or powers conferred on it by the Promulgation or any other written law.

Private sector is the part of national economy made up of private enterprises. It includes the personal sector (households) and corporate sector (companies), and is responsible for allocating most of the resources within an economy.
Everyday firms like the hotel industries relay on the economy stabilization and its impact to society in order to survive. These forces arise from the trends in the micro and macro environments and could present opportunities or poses threats, depending on how they impact the firm.
THE RADISSON BLU RESORT is a five-star beach resort located in Denarau Island, Nadi. It takes a 20 minutes ride from the International Airport. It has been operating for the last 5 years. It’s perfect starting point for water sports, beach activities, day cruises, and golf and helicopter tours of Fiji. One of the best resorts on Denarau Island, this Radisson Blu hotel boasts fine dining and entertainment options, plus the on-site Kid's Club, making it a great choice for families. They offer free high-speed Internet which is provided in all guest rooms, and wireless hot spots scattered throughout the hotel. The organization works with a clear and noble purpose to offer services and goods to millions of guests and travelers in a way that makes a positive difference to their lives. Provide tens of thousands of jobs and help employees grow and achieve their potential. Contribute to the common good through commitment to social responsibility and generate attractive...

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