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Impact Of Brand Awareness In Malaysian Market

4474 words - 18 pages

Master of Management

Marketing Management
MKTG 6120
Trimester 3, 2013/2014

The Impact of Brand Awareness on Brand Equity: A Study of Malaysian Automobile Industry

Prepared by:
Wiki Noviandi (G1335059)
Feras Qawasmeh (G1335039)
Nor Izuan Shah Minhad (G1325003)
Wira Amirul (G1230579)
Abdul Razak (G1333627)

Prepared for:
Prof. Dr. AKM Ahasanul Haque

Date of submission:

This research project will use quantitative measurement to examine how influence of brand awareness on brand equity to the customer purchasing decision on Malaysian automobile industry. The quantitative method used is to survey because this method creates the results as ...view middle of the document...

The brand associated with high awareness has tendency to be accepted by customers.
Most of the customers prefer to buy such a branded product because they knew that this kind of product has been sophisticated by keep doing some protocols. Such as from the health and environmental prospective most successful companies prefer customer preference and acquire customer input through marketing research. However, many companies are using latest technology in introducing their new product according to customer demand and requirement like introduction of camera in cell phone, cell phone holder, charger in current edition of branded cars .they also use the latest equipment for improving the product quality, shape, design and the use of computer graphics in labeling of the products etc.
A brand has a value which is depends on the quality of the products in the market and also indeed the satisfaction of the customer toward the products and services. This absolutely will create brand equity to the customers.
Companies are recognized through their brand which is the most valuable asset to be survival. There is lots of variety of brand but the main problem is that the customers do not have much time to make choice. The brand specifically helps the customer in the decision making process to buy the right product with less danger and according to the set of the anticipations. The Brand name is like pledge to customer by ensuring and promoting the strength through time. Successful brand should be the main junior of so many things together include design, packing, quality, style. Customers want to see all the characteristics in the brand product which is convenience to his need.
Nowadays particularly in the business prospective, firms know that they must work very hard much more than before just to achieve one of it is objectives which is strategy of product differentiation. A lot of companies tried to achieve this strategy by branding their products on simply words putting the company’s name on its product. The market is immersed with new and old brands and sharpness of brand war is increasing every day. The popularity of a brand is only kind of tool for survival and success for firms in the market.
Brands play fundamental role in the decision making purchasing processes of the customer mindset. Companies need to find out customer’s decision process and locate the criteria, which the customers will need while they are making the decision of purchasing the product. Thus, how brand names influence the customer purchase decision? Why customers obtain a particular brand also display how customers decide what to get. Customers follow the gradation steps on the decision process. They start usually realizing a requirement of product and then getting information then they evaluate alternative products, while the final step is to buy a product from a specific brand. Once the customers use to purchase particular ...

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