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Immigration Issue Essay

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Skilled immigrate
20-29 thirty point
Job offer and work for 12 months 60 points
Shortage 15 cousin10

International Students
To stay on in New Zealand and work after they have finished their studies, international students need the appropriate work visa.
New Zealand’s immigration policies include a post-study work pathway for international students who have completed a New Zealand qualification. This lets you find a job and get work experience in a field directly related to your studies, and makes it easier to apply for residence.
There are two types of work visa specifically for students who have completed their tertiary study in New Zealand:
1. The Post-study work visa (open). This gives you up to 12 months to find a job that is relevant to your studies. While they are looking for a job they are allowed to work in any job to support themselves.
* The Post-study work visa (employer assisted). This option lets you work in a specific job, which must be ...view middle of the document...

Complete the application form yourself
You can choose the visa you need using the Visa Options Check and complete the application form yourself with the information provided by Immigration New Zealand.
Each visa type has an application form and accompanying guide.
Also you can contact Immigration New Zealand for help.
2. Engage a licensed immigration adviser
You can engage a licensed immigration adviser to assist you with your visa application but they must have a current licence.
. Check the licence expiry date and type of licence (some advisers may only be able to advise on limited areas).
The Immigration Advisers Authority provides information on who can give New Zealand immigration advice and explains how to complain if you are unhappy. They also provide a useful guide about Licensed Immigration Advisers. 
Should you have any difficulty finding a licensed immigration adviser or complaining about one, you can contact the Immigration Advisers Authority directly. The Authority is responsible for licensing immigration advisers, receiving complaints and taking action against those giving immigration advice without a licence.
3. Engage someone who is exempt from the license requirements
You can also seek immigration advice from people who are exempt from the requirement to hold a licence.
Outside New Zealand this includes:
* Education agents who are only permitted to give immigration advice on student visas
* Lawyers with a current New Zealand practising certificate
* Foreign diplomats and consular staff
* Employees of the New Zealand Government who provide immigration advice as part of their job.
In New Zealand this includes:
* Lawyers with a current New Zealand practising certificate
* Members of Parliament and their staff who provide immigration advice as part of their jobs
* Government employees who give immigration advice as part of their jobs
* Volunteers at Community Law Centres or Citizens Advice Bureau.
The Law Society website can help you find a lawyer or legal firm or check that your existing lawyer has a current New Zealand practising certificate.

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