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Immigration Debate Essay

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Immigration Debate
October 21, 2013

Immigration Debate

America always was and still is a nation filled with a diverse group of people, many who have come from different countries. There have always been people on both sides of the fence, even back then on the subject, and we still have the same issue today. People have always been coming into the United States throughout history both legally and illegally. The issue has always been a topic of debate; even more so with each passing day. During the 1870s and on up through the 1920s a huge wave of immigration changed our history. Immigrants came from all over the world in search of both new lives and opportunities in what ...view middle of the document...

Most of which came through Ellis Island and most commonly lived in tenements. Today however we face new challenges when it comes to immigration. We have many legal immigrants coming to the country as well as a great influx of illegal immigrants as well. In the year 2010 there were 39.9 million foreign born people in our country. Only 44 percent of those were naturalized citizens the rest are a mix of permanent residents, and illegal immigrants. The immigrants today are around 13 percent of the population and continuing to rise as years go on. This has been a common debate among the people of this country throughout history and is still at the forefront of debates now. People on both sides want to find a resolution to the rising “problem” but have yet to come to any one solution. From a country that once stood on the principle of “give me your tired your poor,” to now saying “no vacancy.” I think Franklin D. Roosevelt said it the best when he said “Remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
Let’s break down immigration in terms of pros and cons to see if we can once and for all settle this debate. On the pro side, immigration helps our farm owners. Immigrants have proved to be a steady supply of the labor force that work the lands often willing and able to work the rustic and back breaking work that farmers endure. While we are talking about rustic and back breaking work, I would like to point out that immigrants are more willing to work unfavorable industries such as farming, janitorial, manufacturing, etc. than many Americans. What some citizens might consider “unfavorable conditions” might differ from what immigrants consider unfavorable. This leads to another positive to immigration which is immigrants help fill the labor shortage. These positives to immigration are all connected to a common theme. They are willing to do the work that most citizens are not so they fill the gaps. In filling these gaps, they ensure the industries with the “unfavorable conditions” are able to remain productive and in business hence strengthening our economy.
Many people would debate the positives of immigration and cite specific negatives associated with it. There is a belief that immigration has a monumental impact on our economy. Statistics show that immigrants while living here and making money in America often ship their wealth back to their families in their home countries essentially removing that wealth from America rather than investing in America’s economy. This is one of the biggest changes from the first immigrants that came to this country. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the wave of immigration was massive with one difference, back then people were moving here to stay here, to build a new life with their families and reinvested the wealth they gained into owning homes, cars, etc. Another impact immigration has is job competition during tough...

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