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Illiteracy A Challenging Problem In Our Society Today

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AUGUST 16TH 2015.

Even though we search how to solve the problems of illiteracy, illiteracy is a serious problem in pour society today because illiteracy causes high rate of unemployment, high crime rates, health issues and loss of talents inbuilt in our youths leading to low self-esteem. Illiteracy is a pressing ...view middle of the document...

Because some youths are not able to go to school to due to pressure from their parents who were not in school in their days and see no reason of sending their children n to schools moreover culture places a great role in this problem in the view that some cultures find it not necessary sending their children to school but prefer them doing manual apprentice jobs around. I think to solve this problem we need to put up seminars on the benefit of education of the youths to parents, creation of more schools especially in local areas, scholarships to children to further their education so as to reduce the serious rate of unemployment caused by literacy.
Furthermore, another serious problem we are facing in our society today due to illiteracy is the high crime rate among the youths. From general statistics by well-known statistical researchers when our youths are not educated and not employed their life style turn to change for the worst, they turn to look for all possible means to meet up with their needs and wants even at the detriment of others around them. They turn to involve themselves in criminal activities like arm rubbery, drug trafficking, killings and many more other dangerous activities. Illiteracy and crime are closely related. The Department of Justice states, “The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” Over 70% of inmates in America’s prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level, more than 60% of all state and federal corrections inmates are considered "functionally illiterate". And why do we think they turn to do all these things, because they don’t have the educational fitness to achieve their goals in life. Moreover due the high crime rates in our society today as a result of illiteracy these few solutions can greatly help us tackle this problem by educational workshops on importance of education linking to crime, building of more schools in neighborhoods, scholarships, also...

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