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Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigration: The Story Behind Amnesty |
Is Amnesty the Answer? |
University of Montevallo |
Lachera S. Huntley |
3/12/2012 |

Although thousands of immigrants come to the United States Illegally, most of them are in this country for the jobs that Americans will not do. That is why so many illegal immigrants come to the United States. However, everyone that breaks the Immigration Law should be punished, even if they are not citizens of the country. According to Perez (2001), “In 1986 Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act that, among other things, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants who could demonstrate continual residence in the United States prior ...view middle of the document...

According to the Chicago Tribune (2001), “Amnesty ought to be a privilege. It would be earned by those who can demonstrate that they have lived in the U.S. a certain number of years, have a stake in their communities, hold jobs and are able to support their families and do not have a criminal record” (Chicago Tribune, 2001). If the United States allows the illegal immigrants to become citizens, then they will send for family members, causing more illegal immigrants to invade the United States. Therefore, the Amnesty Act should not be a part of the United States regulations.
In addition to amnesty being unconstitutional and unfair, the act signals to the illegal immigrants and everyone in the United States that is acceptable to break the laws in this country. Many people favor illegal immigration because they believe the immigrants keep the United States economy running; as a result, all illegal immigrants should be deported because they have broken the Immigration Laws. Byrd (2001) states, “In the year 2000, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, 41.4 percent of established immigrants lived in or near poverty, compared to 28.8 percent of natives” (Byrd, 2001). This is because many immigrants are breaking the laws; as a result, this causes them to live in the slums of America.
Along with amnesty being unfair and unconstitutional and signifying that it is alright to break the law and get away with it comes the issue that permits illegal immigrants to legally take jobs away from citizens. Many argue that illegal immigration is not endangering the economy or jobs in the United States. However, employers hire illegal immigrants because they are willing to except a lower salary. When this happens, Americans are left unemployed and they are forced to get on government programs: Welfare, WIC, and Medicaid. The United States Congress needs to realize that they are losing millions of dollars each year when they allow illegal immigrants in America.
According to Gutierrez (2009), “Rep. Gutierrez' comprehensive immigration bill includes:
Amnesty: Amnesty for all illegal aliens who are not here to "hurt our communities." The plan would create a path to citizenship, requiring illegal aliens to go through background checks, pay taxes and learn English.
Border Enforcement: The plan calls for a "professional and effective" approach to border control, but offers no solutions to ensuring that the flow of illegal aliens is prevented.
Interior Enforcement: "Smart and humane" enforcement.
Workplace Enforcement: Employers would be held responsible for the hiring and mis-treatment of illegal aliens, rather than the illegal aliens who often use stolen documents to acquire the jobs in the first place. The plan also calls for a verification system, but does not mention E-Verify or the use of a biometric system that was discussed during a Senate Subcommittee Hearing over the summer. A statement issued by the ACLU today urged lawmakers to reject a...

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