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If I Was The Minister Essay

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What would you do if you had a chance to become the minister of Binh Duong province?
Whenever did you wish that you had the power to change the whole area and made it a better place to live in? I am sure that you did, at least once. There were many things you could do if you were the minister. About for me, if I got that position I would absolutely improve Binh Duong’s environment.
Anytime that whenever I saw a load heap of garbage next to the sign “Do not dump ...view middle of the document...

How terrible disgusting! Or someone riding motorbike suddenly turneds their head and spitteds on the road, which It is very normal popular in Viet Nam. This happened is because of the lack of awareness sense of keeping environment hygiene in Vnmese people and the government’ s rules. If it were in Singapore, they would be strictly punished.
So that, the best way to change the situation was to pass a new law about environment. In this law, the money punishment would be raised considerably. Those who broke break the law must pay a fine or worked for the public good in one week. We needed this strict law to better people’s awareness. In addition, we would disseminate the important of preserving the environment. But we would not take it in the traditional way, we would make it more easy easier to remember, more enjoyable and more entertaining. Instead of putting the banner “Preserve environment” everywhere, we should make a big one but outstanding and put it in the a place where everyone would notice it. We should hold an event about environment every six months too.
I hoped wish this innovation would be effective and Binh Duong would be a better place to live in. And Binh Duong would interest more and more visitors and became a green thriving place province.
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