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If God Did Not Exist Essay

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“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” – Voltaire

The quest for god; even if there are different forms of theism, is based on the same principles of the need for god(s) in the human mind: Individuals need god to fulfill their human desire of being united with something bigger than themselves, due to the fact that there is a feeling of separation and disconnection from the world surrounding humanity, being outside the environment in which we exist (more or less like Adam and Eve.)
Individuals also look for god as an attempt to find the answers of complex fundamental aspects of life itself, and mankind’s awareness of death could have shaped our ideas about god.
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Monotheists think this way because they find that in contrast to polytheism, a divine force must have started way before creation, somehow already existing, being the beginning, middle and end of humanity and the universe, therefore, they believe that in order to find answers and comfort, they must reach to that supreme creator.

Pantheism on the other hand, believe that the universe and nature are worthy of the deepest religious praise: For them, understanding , appreciating and preserving nature are a central focus on their lives. There are several compelling reasons.mMost traditional religions have elements that are hard to believe, some others don’t suffer from the logical or empirical problems of traditional reigions and lasrtly nearly everyone feelis religious feelings when looking at nature of the sky, and so Pantheism believes that those feelings are older and more basic than any traditional religion: they are a natural part of our existence as natural material beings. They are a recognition of our participation and belonging as members of nature and the universe and...

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