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If Gardner’s And Sternberg’s Theories Of Multiple Intelligences Are Correct, What Are The Implications For Intelligence Testing And For Education?

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What are some examples of ways in which observational learning has benefited you in your life? Are there instances in which observational learning has worked to your disadvantage?
While I was a teenager about the age of 13 years old I visited my cousins in the country area where they had a coconut farm. While on the farm I observed my cousin climbed a tall coconut palm tree using his hand and feet in a well coordinated movement of hand and feet.

I was then able to climb the tree in the same manner.
Another occasion where I used observational learning to my benefit was in the military where I observed a demonstration of how to negotiate ...view middle of the document...

So the testimony of the eye witness must be examined and weighed carefully. I would explain that researchers have demonstrated that it is relatively easy to create false memories.

During problem solving, do you use primarily algorithms or heuristics? What are the advantages of each?
During problem solving I primarily use heuristics. I use this method because I like to use intuitive judgment or just plain old common sense. Once I know what is my desired goal I begin at that point and work backwards and deciding what are the steps or sub-goals towards achieving the final goal.
A disadvantage of my chosen method is that it does not always guarantee success I will still use it making modifications until I achieve acceptable results.
Algorithm on the other hand is a far more difficult way for me to solve problems it is a more comprehensive and rational approach to problem solving and can involve math and complicated formula with which I may not be equipped.
The use of algorithms provides a number of benefits. One of these benefits algorithms allows and even forces examination of the solution to problem solving. By using algorithms, decision making becomes a more rational process.
The use of Heuristic is common sense drawn from experience, used to solve problems. Heuristic programs do not always reach the very best result but usually produce good results.

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