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Identity Theft Essay

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Identity Theft: In More Ways than One
Justin S. Evangelist
CMRJ 306 D002 Criminal Investigation
American Military University

Identity Theft: In More Ways than One
We have all watched the news; we have all heard the stories. It’s on commercials and television shows. Identity theft is sweeping across the nation and it something we should all take very seriously. Identity theft is a form of fraud or taking away someone else’s identity in order to gain something, usually financial means (Swanson, Chamelin, Territo & Taylor, 2009). The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as nine million Americans have their ...view middle of the document...

The imposter signs the citation while promising to appear in court. The magistrate may issue a bench warrant, but the warrant of arrest will be under the victim’s name (Mercuri, 2006).
Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses a person’s name for the benefit of medical services (Solow, 2010). Medical identity theft can be life threatening, since decisions by medical doctors and staff is made based on the existing conditions of the victim. A certain specific form of medical identity theft is physician identity theft. Physician identity theft occurs when a person illegally uses a physician’s name and physician identification number for prescribing unnecessary prescriptions. These prescriptions are either abused by the perpetrator or sold for monetary gain (Solow, 2010). Physician identity theft can lead to millions of dollars of stolen goods out of the health care system if it’s not identified in a timely manner. Physicians are a prime target for medical identity theft because of the medical systems failure to provide adequate security of physician information. Not only is their failure to provide adequate surgery, but the opportunity for criminals to make large amounts of money from physician identity theft makes this form of theft one of the most popular forms that exist today
The last major form of identity theft is child identity theft. Child identity theft is very similar to criminal identity theft; however, the major difference is that a child’s identity is stolen, usually from a close friend or family member (Ramaswamy, 2006). Child identity theft is popular amongst criminals because of the amount of time between committing the crime and the discovery of the crime can be rather large. Since children are normally not subject to identity theft because of their lack of a financial status, most parents do not examine their child’s financial status. In many child identity thefts, it is often the parents who steal the identity of their children for their own personal gain. Since children are too young to do anything about the crime, or even...

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