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Identifying The Science Processes Essay

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Identifying the Science Processes
Kathy Harris
EED-364 Curr. Mthd & Asmt: Sci & Math
September 8, 2011

Identifying the Science Processes

Observing Gathering information by using sense and instruments that extends the senses such as microscopes, magnifier glasses and telescopes. Students collect and array of leaves and describe the leaf pattern and texture.
Classifying Objects or organism are sorted according to characteristics, attributes and features. Sort different type of animals with backbones and those without backbone.
Communicating Record observation, measurements and experiment and sharing it with others. Record student’s favorite color and record it on a bar ...view middle of the document...

Define Operationally Quantity is measured and the process whereby it is measure and how it is classify.
Student measure soil temperature.
Experimenting The process to obtain evidence to test hypothesis and arrival at an explanation. The effect sun has on plants.
Constructing Models Making a model that represents the object that will help the student understand the process. Making a model of a volcano and how the volcano erupts.

Identifying the Science Processes
At an early age children are curious about the world around them. “Science provides children many opportunities to observe, to wonder, and to seek their own answers to question through discovery and testing” (Bass, Contant & Cann, 2009, p. 31). Student’s use scientific reasoning at various time are unaware of the process they are using. A group of children can be on the playground and discovery an insect it does not matter what kind they tend to observe it movement and sometime they make prediction as to where it has been or going.
The 12 science process support inquiry based learning environment which improve students skills and comprehension towards science. Student learns how to think and reason as scientists. Problem solving and the ability to think critical are improved. As students focus on scientific processes they develop the ability to investigate the wonders of nature and the world around them.
In the world the question why and what are always present. Individuals are seeking answer to question that baffle them and they seek answers. Science has provided answer to some of the question individuals wonder about. Students can be introduced to science at an early age which can arouse their interest in science. Teachers can help student to develop and interest in science.
Teachers attitude regarding science has a direct bearing on well students are motivated about science. Many teachers teach science that require students to listen, read, review and test. Many students view science as boring and a subject they dislike. Several research findings have confirmed that teacher’s attitude about science affect student’s achievement and their way of thinking about science. “Research suggest that teachers attitude towards science teaching not only affects their understand of science but also their thinking and classroom practices” (Hyung-Sook Cho, Chung-Ang, Kim & Dong, 2003, p.33).
In order for students to develop a positive outlook on science teachers must first have the motivation to teach the subject. They must make it interesting which include much thought and planning. It is essential that teachers develop a positive attitude in order for students to change their way of thinking about science.

Lesson Plan Title : Using Our Senses
Age Range:
Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School)
Overview and Purpose:
In this fun lesson, students use their senses of touch and smell to try to figure out what objects are...

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