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Identify The Factors That Most Strongly Influence Hr Planning In International Markets

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• Identify the factors that most strongly influence HR planning in international
The factors affecting HRM in international markets are culture, education, economic systems and political – legal systems.
Culture affects a country’s laws, values, people’s economic systems and efforts to invest in education. Practices that are effective in some countries are ineffective in some other countries. The five dimensions of culture are individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty ...view middle of the document...

Political – Legal System – the political legal system of a country affects the human resources practices. Sometimes, enforcement might be an issue in some countries. In some countries, laws are enforced, in others they are not.

• Describe how companies select and train human resources in a global labor
Most organizations fill most positions with host country’s nationals. This is because, nationals are used to the culture, legal system, and can relate with the culture and the people easily. Instead of foreigners who might have to learn the culture, the legal system and so on

• Discuss the challenges related to performance management and compensation
within other cultures.
Pay structures differ among countries thus organizations have to decide whether to use the home country pay structure or the host country pay structures. Laws that decide benefit structures differ among countries, making it difficult for organizations to decide benfits.
• Identify how managers are prepared for international assignments and for
returning home.

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