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Ideal School Essay

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If I were allowed to the opportunity to design my own school, and resources were not a question, there are many different aspects I would implement into said school. First and foremost, I would make sure school was available and mandatory to all children, very much like it is today. Education is a critical part of developing as an individual; therefore I would make sure each child has the means to attend school.
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Many teachers today are not well equipped and lack the desire and passion to efficiently teach. If I could create my ideal school, I would accept only teachers with sufficient knowledge and a joy for teaching. This would create classrooms with a positive experience and better instruction, rather than ones filled with frustration.
The arts would be a prominent feature of my ideal school as well. Often these days, arts programs are being drastically cut, which in turn is sapping the creativity from our students. Because I realize the importance of the arts in schools, I would require that each student enroll in at least one fine arts course.
The most important aspect of my ideal school would be Special Education. I would make sure that all types of special education were available. Recently I have learned about the many different kinds of disabilities that children are facing, as well as the vast array of options that are available to them. Including these in my ideal school would make education individualized for all students, as well as attainable for those students who may sometimes feel like achieving good grades is some what out of reach.

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