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In the knowledge society, firms need to develop competitive advantages based on an adequate and intensive use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), which is an essential element of success in today’s market. This fact is especially relevant for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), whose survival depends, among other factors, on the use they make of ICTs to develop new organizational models, compete in new markets or enhance their internal and external communication relationships.

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In this scenario, many developed countries have already concluded that their future relies on increasing investment in the underlying capability of the knowledge economy and creating an environment favourable to the rapid translation of new ideas into new business opportunities.

In particular, small and medium sized companies (SMEs) will be able to seize this opportunity in a wide variety of ways and small entrepreneurs have a critical role to play. Therefore, it is important that small entrepreneurs take into account that the world in which organizations exist and operate is continuously changing. Changes in interdependencies, relationships, values, and norms among business that have made organizational, cultural, and strategic innovations as well as creative adaptation from being a mere issue of casual interest to a key research topic with major importance.

In this context, anyone in a leadership position knows that technology drives change, and change demands technology. Certainly, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has favoured a multiplicity of changes in several industries. Thus, a major challenge for SMEs has been the exploding advancement and the ever-growing ICT developed within the past few decades.

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