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Questions of our future have often been raised about our ability to share this world with what is known as “Artificial Intelligence.” Will they really make our lives easier or will they put the human race completely out of work? Will they ever become smart enough to learn and think for themselves or is it possible that they’ll become “too smart” and one day and take over the world as we know it? Many pieces of literature have been written, and many movies have been released, prophesying the demise of the human race and our damned fate into slavery to the very machines that we’ve created. Though there is a very thin line between the world of science fiction and the ...view middle of the document...

“The most familiar example of feedback theory is the thermostat: It controls the temperature of an environment by gathering the actual temperature of the house, comparing it to the desired temperature, and responding by turning the heat either up or down.” (“The History of Artificial Intelligence,” 1997) Using this theory Weiner theorized that all intelligent behavior was the result of feedback mechanisms and could possibly be simulated by machines (I feel that it is important to take notice to the phrases “all intelligent behavior” and “possibly” be simulated, which makes the idea of an artificial intelligence surpassing that of a human somewhat disputable). Throughout the years, because of this basic function, the evolutions of technology have spread like weeds across the planet and have taken over many everyday tasks to assist in the convenience of human activities.

AI Today

Examples of all types of artificial intelligence which function with a more advanced form of the feedback theory, among other upgrades, are present everywhere in today’s society. GPS systems (which are a satellite based navigation system) are available in almost every new car that hits the market and the new iPhone 4 has a voice recognition that allows you to speak directly into the phone and will retrieve the information that you seek in a matter of seconds. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the elaborate forms of robotics that science has in store for the near future; and here are just a few:
1. ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) - ASIMO stands 4.26 feet tall, weighs 119lbs, has about an hour of battery life and can run up to 3.72 miles per hr. ASIMO can identify moving objects (through sensors) allowing it to greet people when they are near, move around stationary or moving objects, wave and shake hands if you greet it, has facial recognition to address people by name, can deliver coffee and a group of ASIMO robots can work together as a team. (ASIMO is still in the research and development phase)
2. Watson; IBM’s Deep Question and Answer (DQA) - This supercomputer has already stunned the world when it defeated two human beings on the game show Jeopardy. Watson’s technology will be used to sift through medical information and find the best treatments for illnesses.
3. Shared Control- Researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland have created a new wheelchair for quadriplegic patients that allow them to control mobility of the chair through thought. The technology requires that the user wear a skull cap that that translates brain signals into chair commands that allow them to move in the desired direction.
4. Nell- A computer database with over 500,000 facts is a never ending language learner that has been running nonstop since January 2010. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are hoping to teach a computer to understand the world by reading the web. The general idea is that it...

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