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I Pod As A Social Artifact

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Garrett 1
Instructor Barb Gerber
WRA 150
5 October 2011
The IPods Impact on Society
“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” (Issacson). This is a famous quote by Steve Jobs. The project was a secret. Other then Steve Jobs and a few other apple executives nobody knew what it was. The code name was P-68 (Knopper).
The IPod was introduced to the public in 2001. At first, it was only compatible with Mac computers, but two years later, the iPod could be used with any type of computer. This caused sales to skyrocket! Steve Jobs worked with apple inc. to come up with the IPod. Although Apple was not the first to come up with the idea of an mp3 player, no ...view middle of the document...

The IPod has changed the technology in car radios inserting auxiliary cords so IPods can play thought the speakers. Ford has even announced that they will stop putting compact disk (CD) players in their new car models.
Before the Mp3 player, CDs were the most prominent way to listen to music. They were portable and much smaller then records. When the mp3 player was invented, it gave people the opportunity to listen to their entire music collection on the go. Instead of having up to 20 songs on a CD, mp3 players made it possible to have thousands of songs all stored on one small device that could fit in your pocket.
The iPod has affected CD sales dramatically. The popularity of the iPod has caused CD sales to drop because the IPod has replaced the use of CDs for many people. The CD allowed artists to sell their albums as a whole and make more money off of them. The IPod has had the opposite affect. Artists began to stop making as much money off of their music because many consumers stopped buying CDs. Buying mp3s online is not only more convenient for the consumer, but it also gives the consumer more options. The
Garrett 3
consumer can either buy one song, or the entire album along with accessibility to any track ever recorded.
The iPod completely changed the way music is bought with iTunes. ITunes gives the consumer the opportunity to buy multiple songs from a variety of artists for the same price of a CD. If someone only likes one song from and album, they only have to buy that one song. ITunes music player lets you synch your online music player to your iPod. This was a concept that before the iPod, has never been so popular. ITunes lets you scroll through music and make specific playlists. Music is easily downloaded to iTunes, within a matter of minutes. With a few simple clicks, you can synch your entire playlist to your IPod. Your favorite CDs and Mp3s can be uploaded to the iTunes library in order to have all of your music in one place. Not only is ITunes a music library, but it is also a music store.
ITunes is the world’s number one music store ( ITunes not only sells music, it also offers movies, TV shows, games, books, podcasts, and App purchases. ITunes sells single tracks for around $0.99. Most consumers no longer buy entire albums from artists. Instead they buy a few favorite songs. This has shown a decrease in CD sales, therefore a decrease in profit that artists make off of their music.
The IPod has definitely changed the music industry, but is it really for the better? Some would argue that the IPod has destroyed the music industry. Apple continues to make billons of dollars every year with the IPod bringing in forty percent of their sales Knopper). How does it affect the rest of the music industry? Sales of records have plunged and ITunes along with illegal music downloading is to blame.
Garrett 4
The IPod has given a new meaning to the world “stealing”. Years ago, stealing music meant physically going...

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