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International Political Economy

1.0 Explanation of: 3
1.1 Free Market System 3
1.2 Command System 3
1.2 Mixed Economy System 4
1.4 Islamic Economic System 5
2.0 Introduction 6
3.0 Description of the Malaysian Economic System 7
4.0 What caused the failure of the Free Market System in Malaysia 10
5.0 How does the Government intervene? 11
Reference 13

1.0 Explanation of:
1.1 Free Market System

Free market system is an economy where the question is answered by and controlled by the people. It is a market based economy that depends on the law of supply and demand. The values of properties and facilities are set by the participants in the market ...view middle of the document...

Hong Kong’s success can be attributed by their strong legal framework in the field of property rights and general support for the rule of law.  Since they do not rely on government for expensive services, they pay low taxes. The free-market economy is usually associated with a pure capitalist system, where land and capital are private owned. (Sloman, 2004)

1.2 Command System
Command economic system can be said that a command economy is difference to that of a free economy. The government is in command. It chooses what to produce, for whom and how much to manufacture and allocate. In an ideal world, the command economy is perfect. This is because the economy can be stable, and least affected by inflation and financial downturns. Furthermore, it provides employment for the citizens, there is surplus amounts of production. However, in reality, things do not always work out as planned. For the government to take control of everything, it requires vast amount of information. Government assistances frequently have inadequate data approximately what to produce. Command economies, similar to the Soviet Union frequently created properties that were there used. When all internal factors of invention are controlled by the government, often a certain brand for any product becomes the national product. Which doesn’t leave the people much choices and it kills innovation and competition. That is why entrepreneurs feel discouraged to pursue business ventures because the government has the ultimate power over the economy and don’t allow private sector businesses to grow over a certain limit. This in turn has an adverse effect on workers. While this may be good for the low income workers or the lazy ones as they don’t have to put any extra effort in their workplace. But the ones who want to earn more, achieve more aren’t given a chance to grow, as the government believes in equality. Take North Korea as an example, North Korea remains as a closed society. This is one of the world's greatest centrally guided and minimum open economies and that country faces long-lasting economic problems. Industrialized capital stock is approximately beyond reform as a nresult of years of underinvestment, deficiencies of extra parts, and poor service. Bribery and corruption has spread its roots to all levels. There also exists a huge black market. By contrast, a command economy is one in which the government makes all important decisions about production and distribution (Samuelson & Nordhaus, 1998)
1.2 Mixed Economy System
Next, a mixed economic system is a dual economy. A mixed economy is supposed to be a balance of both free market and command economy. A mixed market does not have a set of particular criteria that every mixed economic countries follow. Several differences presents, by some mixed economies being mostly free markets and others being powerfully organized by the government. All economies of the world can be said to be ‘mixed’ to a greater or...

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