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I Just Did This So I Can Get Answers

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*If Possible, Please don't get movie covers. If it looks like a Movie cover then don't get it...The (^^^^ ) by the books, means it is also a movie and possibly could have a movie cover*
Book List
· Halo---- Alexandra Adornetto
· Dollanganger series-----V.C Andrews^^^^
Flowers in the Attic
Petals in the Wind
If There be thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows
· Obsidian-------Jennifer L. Armentrout
· Lux----Jennifer L. Armentrout
· Wicked-----Jennifer L. Armentrout
· Thirteen Reasons Why----Jay Asher^^^^
· The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle------Avi
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The Binding
The Drifting
The Whispering
· Black Ice-----Becca Fitzpatrick
· Beastly-----Alex Flinn^^^^
· Towering-----Alex Flinn
· If I Stay------Gayle Forman^^^^
· Stardust-----Neil Gaiman^^^^
· The Princess bride------William Goldman^^^^
· Masque of the Red Death--- Bethany Griffin
· Dance of the Red Death-----Bethany Griffin
· The King of Slippery Falls---Sid Hite
· Impulse------Ellen Hopkins
· Ripple------Mandy Hubbard
· The Crescent Chronicles-----Alyssa Rose Ivy
First & forever
· The Empire Chronicles-----Alyssa Rose Ivy
· The Immortal Rules----- Julie Kagawa
· Fallen Series-----Lauren Kat
Fallen in Love
· Whipser----Phoebe Kitanidis
· To Kill A Mockingbird-----Harper Lee^^^^
· Ashes on the Waves----Mary Lindsey
· Souls-----Mary Lindsey
Shattered Souls
Fragile Spirits
· The Host-----Stephenie Meyer^^^^
· The Crucible-----Arthur Miller
· The Immortals---Alyson Nole
Blue Moon

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