I Hope I Am Not Dreaming

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I Hope I Am Not Dreaming

On one sunny spring morning, I stepped out of my bed and thought to myself, when does all this end. I knew that I had to pick extra shifts at work because my mother needed some money. My mother had exactly one month to come up with 80 thousand shillings, and if not she would lose her house, that she had used as a collateral for a school loan in order for my younger brother to go to school. Mother had always taught me to be patient with time and that “Gods time wasn’t our time.” At this very minute however, it was almost impossible to still believe, “I have issues of my own, you know” I need a larger ...view middle of the document...

After six long months of volunteering at the JVC, there were three job openings that required candidates with my exact qualifications, but all the three times, they chose to go with another candidate. So much for JVC being an “Equal Opportunity Employer.” I had been brainwashed to think that with a major and a minor undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, the opportunities would come flooding, as quoted from the graduation speech. “I hope your dreams take you... to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.”
While entering the JVC building, Sophia the mean looking lady that never says hello to me, rushed towards me and offered to take my umbrella. “Good morning, Miss Hilton” she said, and proceeded to offer me a drink. To say the least, I was shocked she escorted me to my office and asked if she could do anything at all to make me comfortable. I said “no thanks” and she proceeded to leave my office. I sat there staring at the wall thinking how good it was to be Paris Hilton. The people were nicer and they made me feel important. Barely half an hour later the program director and the human resource manager knocked on my door, and asked to talk to me. I wondered what this was all about, and I offered them to sit down. While addressing me the Program Director, pulled out a folder with my resume in it and all the applications I had turned into the JVC, and stated. Miss Hilton, “we first and foremost would like to offer you an apology for not getting back with you in a timely manner. We have reviewed your applications, and we feel that you are well suited for our establishment. If you still are interested we would like to offer you a job as a Community Orientation Manager. We feel that with your knowledge of three languages, education, extra curricular activities at the University of Kansas, and your involvement with the Emily Taylor Project at the University of Kansas, you are the best candidate for the job.” Needless to say this came as a shock to me, I was still the same person on the inside with the same qualifications but then because of my new transformation into a beautiful Caucasian celebrity, the world was really going to be my playground. Is this what they meant when they said as a minority one had to be five times as good as their Caucasian counterpart not unless the affirmative action was applied? Is this what they meant when they said that in Cooperate America, minorities had to keep...

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