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I Dont Know Essay

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II. Demographic Paragraph on your topic, statement of the problem, delineation of a human diversity issue. (To be submitted in the 8th week)
By now, you should be able to articulate a clear topic title of your management project. Create an introduction to your topic by defining a problem/issue that is encompassed by your two readings. Using the Tentative Annotated bibliography and topic statement from week 3, expand your discussion of the connections of your topic to the required components for the project: Systems Theory Model,
human diversity, some aspect of family or consumer resource management. After you have developed
the connections, delineate the problem/issue by ...view middle of the document...

This shows that there is an open and morphogenic system when talking about parental behaviors and their effect on children.
Title: Planning Retirement for Individuals and Families
Introduction: From the first anticipated day on our first job to our last weary week, working Americans have a common goal: retirement. Financial planning for future retirement in America frequently is not considered until late in the work
cycle, sometimes not until a few years before retirement. This is largely due to the reliance that Americans have had
upon government-funded Social Security income, perhaps supplemented with a company-paid pension plan. In the future, it is anticipated that both of these resources may be less available or even non-existent due to an increasing demographic demand on government Social Security funds and a decreasing trend in company-paid pension plans. Alternatives to retirement funding must be sought in order to manage available money for optimal savings in later years. Some of these alternatives include the managed use of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tax-deferred IRA’s and company sponsored 401(k) plans. Depending on the needs of the family or individual, planning retirement with such funds can maximize the amount of money that is available at retirement age. From a family system perspective, retirement
planning involves the input of monetary resources and carefully managed implementation of market funds. The ultimate goal of managing retirement funds is the reward of being...

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