I Don't Know Essay

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Chapter 15 Reform and American Culture
Powerpoint Questions


Use the Powerpoint presentation, American Nation textbook pages 432-454, and your class notes to answer these questions.

1. What is Social Reform? (Slide 2)

2. Define the term, predestination. (Slide 2)

3. What did the Second Great Awakening stress? (Slide 3)

4. What is a revival? ...view middle of the document...

What did the American Colonization Society propose? (Slide 11)

13. What do you think an abolitionist is?
(Slide12, see the picture)

14. Who was the best known abolitionist? (Slide 13)

15. What was the name of the newspaper Douglas published? (Slide 13)

16. Who wrote The Liberator? (Slide 14)

17. What did The Liberator influence?
(Slide 14) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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