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(Questions 1 and 2 are based on the following quote):
“In contrast to the sea-based empires developing in Europe, land-based empires remained as important political forces between 1450-1750. All had huge land armies. These empires developed relatively independently from western influence, and to some extent they counterbalanced the growth of European power and colonization.”
The empires described in the quote above built their power most directly on
(A) the mandate of heaven
(B) the technology of gunpowder
(C) control of Silk Road trade
(D) parliamentary principles
(E) the development of new breeds of horses and camels
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Whose beard is being cut in the picture above?
(A) a French army officer during the French and Indian War
(B) a German mercenary during the American Revolution
(C) a Russian boyar during the reign of Peter the Great
(D) an Ottoman vizier by an English conqueror
(E) a Spanish naval officer during the conquest of his Armada
10. What is the main reason that the individual’s beard is being cut?
(A) to make him comply with an official order intended to make his country
(B) to make him pay homage to a conquering ruler
(C) at his request, to enable him to be named by his ruler as a member of the highest
elite group
(D) as a requirement for all men who fight in the military
(E) as part of a sanitation measure in major ports of call along long-distance trading
The successful return of Magellan’s ship Victoriato Spain in 1522 signaled that
(A) the Spanish were not to be the dominant force in the Americas
(B) Europeans were now positioned to make themselves masters of the oceans
(C) the English would come to dominate territories around the world
(D) Spain was now able to dominate trade with Asia
(E) Spain would soon eclipse England as the most powerful European power
The Portuguese were able to assert control over the Indian Ocean trade because
(A) they took over Aden, the city that centrally controlled most of the trade
(B) the constant warfare in the region allowed the disruption of traditional trade
(C) Portuguese trade goods were vastly superior to anything found in the region
(D) the people they traded with were naive and easily taken advantage of
(E) their ships and weapons were militarily superior to the lightly armed merchant
All of the following factors contributed to the success of the Spanish in quickly creating
a vast empire in the Americas EXCEPT:
(A) The Spanish assembled a large army that quickly overran the Western
(B) The long isolation of the Americas made its inhabitants vulnerable to European
(C) The Spanish had superior military technology.
(D) They were motivated by their desire to convert the natives to Christianity.
(E) Only two empires – great distances apart – were strong enough to militarily
challenge the Spanish.
The Renaissance philosophy of humanism emphasizes the importance of
(A) religious rather than secular teachings
(B) the accomplishments and capabilities of individual human beings
(C) trade as the primary method of building wealth
(D) technological innovations
(E) the Muslim influence on the development of European thought


The main reason that this building was constructed between 1632 and 1649 was to serve
(A) a place of worship for people of many faiths
(B) a palace for the...

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