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I Believe Essay

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Getting Away
When you think about where your from, what comes to mind? A big city with a large population, a quiet house not far from the beach, or maybe somewhere in the country side? To me, home is southern Ohio. For nineteen years now, I have looked out to the same beautiful scenery when I look out my bedroom window. My backyard is covered with rolling hills, filled with the greenest of trees during the hot summer months. Surrounding my home is the most stunning fields of corn that tend to look even more magnificent when the sun sets behind them, accentuating their golden color in the fall. Throughout my whole life in this rural town I call home, I have heard how know matter where you ...view middle of the document...

I knew that if I chose to attend this college, I would be going alone and entering the school year not knowing anyone. That concept in itself blew my mind. Not knowing anyone? How could that be? When I got to Bowling Green in the fall of 2011, I realized that knowing absolutely no one could be. Despite the opening weekend festivities, I walked the unfamiliar campus by myself for the first few days, being too nervous to talk to most people who had come to college with high school friends. This was quite a shock to me, the fact that being as sociable as I am that I was finding it hard to talk to these unfamiliar people. I quickly found out that there was nothing to be afraid of and that most of them were in the same situation I was. Within the first few weeks I had made friends with whom I consider to be my best friends, today! Learning the skill to talk to new people has helped me tremendously since the first week of last school year. It is so easy for me to engage in conversation with everyone now, making everything much more enjoyable for myself and for others. It has also helped me to impress employers and various organization leaders and professors.
Before I left for college, I had never been without my parents for an extended period of time. Never had I been in control of my financial and social standing but suddenly I was thrown into being “alone.” I am so thankful that I was thrown into this particular position. Of course, I did not grasp the concept as quickly as I had liked. Between managing my finances, my social time, and my schoolwork, one could say I got lost in the mix a few times. I found myself being broke, going out on weeknights, and eventually skipping classes. I woke up one day and had a reality check, as most would say. I realized that I was being a typical freshman and had my priorities way out of line. It was in that time that I was able to step up to the plate and learn how to be an independent adult. I now know how to incorporate work and play and to not get caught up in the actions of others and to deal with myself first.
The opportunities at a place like Bowling Green are simply abundant. There were things I got to participate in and join that I never thought were possible. As a sport management major, I was looking to incorporate myself into any group or activity that involved sports. Through a sport organization I was a part of, I was able to partake in many volunteering activities that were like no other! I was able to volunteer at different high school...

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