I Am Legend Essay

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I am legend
“I am Legend” is a sci-fi movie based on a brilliant military scientist, Robert Neville, whom becomes the last man on earth. He becomes the last man on earth because of a man-made untreatable virus which turns people into flesh eating zombies. He is immune to the virus and the only one who can save humanity. He spends several years trying to control the virus and also broadcasting radio signals for any other survivors. The Zombies creep around in the ...view middle of the document...

The special effects and background coincided with what was going on throughout the movie and also appeared to be realistic. The performance of the main character, Will Smith, was phenomenal and I also felt as if I was in his shoes.
Several aspects during certain scenes made the movie stand out from the thousands of movies I’ve watched. When Neville was driving around New York City with his dog Sam in a 2009 ford mustang GT500, the roar of the engine and the watchful eye of his dog following the deers symbolized modern hunting. After they got out on foot and began chasing the wild animals into the growing forest and the lions appeared out of the fields to take Neville’s priced deer gave me the idea that earth was reverting back into prehistoric times.
Finally, when he sacrificed his life after he realized that the hunted were becoming the hunters he realized then what the cure was. There were some parts of the movie where I thought that something was missing. I didn’t like the part where he spoke to the mannequins as if they were people; to me it seemed off track. Also, the other survivors should have been more active in finding a cure instead of waiting for the infected to die out.

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