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The idea is to achieve the goals of reduced fuel consumption and emissions by improving efficiency using hybrid architecture (Engine + Motor/s) compared to presently used engine based architecture.
The flow chart can be found on the next page.
a) Increase the efficiency by reducing losses when engine is idling and/or engine is operating at low rpm - Common indian metro city scenario due to large traffics
b) There by reduce the emission WHY
a) Let us assume the an ...view middle of the document...

Hybrid architecture design will be based on parameters from a) Average car usage, b) Road conditions, c) Cost of car, d) Battery charging - Stations/Alternative methods.
2. During idling and low speed operation, most of the power will come from battery, engine if is operating will be used to recharge battery, once car picks up a particular speed engine will be used for direct power.
3. Due to huge investments required and low initial profits installation of Battery Charging Stations in India doesn’t seem feasible solution. Hence we are planning to charge battery by using a) Regenerative braking, b) Charging station/s at Tech Parks’ parking lot, c) Autonomous Battery Charging System (using direct power from engine) integrated with GSM – SMS system – a detailed system will be discussed in the final solution.

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