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Humanity Letter Essay

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Lizeth Pajuelo
Environmental Problems & Solutions
MWF, 1:10-2:00 PM
Spring 2014

Dear. Humanity,
I may be just be known as the planet that you live on but I am so much more than that. As earth, I want to be a part of you. I want to be your friend to all of you but to be as such, we need to treat each other with the same respect and gratitude. I am aware that there are people who do treat me with respect and gratitude but I need everyone to treat me that way so that I can get better. There are some of you that either do it by yourself or gather with others to help keep me clean so that I can show my true beauty and release the fresh clean ...view middle of the document...

According to, “An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year.” With that many forests that we are loosing every year, it doesn’t just lead to changes in the water and air but also leads to global climate change. The more you cut down the forests, the greater of a risk you have of loosing all of this. The destruction of forests are not the only thing that is bad for all of us but also the release of CO2 in the air.
The forms of transportation such as cars and buses are most used in today’s time to get from place to another but with the excessive use of them, you are releasing more Carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air everyday. Each time you go out for a drive, your car is releasing CO2 into the air and although this is an essential element that plants need to live so that they can release oxygen for us, it can also not be good if too much is being released. The graph on the right from shows the increase of CO2 that has been released throughout the years. Your bodies already contain an amount of CO2 that you need but having too much of it can reduce the ability of your blood to carry oxygen to tissues. These are only two of many examples of ways that you guys are destroying me. By knowing this, I can tell you some ways that you can help save me. There are groups of people living all around that have been doing their part with the help of their communities to improve the planet that they live on. Some ways that you can help out is by the popular quote, “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.” An Environmental Club at a school in Arvada, Colorado show the true meaning of what this is in an activity they did. According to, “Every day throughout April, there is a trashless lunch contest where students using reusable Tupperware containers and reusable lunch bags are rewarded with raffle tickets toward Earth-themed prizes.” This is just one of the many ways that you all can do to clean me up and help improve the air quality. If all of you go out and reuse, reduce, and recycle, then there will be less plastics and papers in the oceans and streams that will lead to an improvement in air quality and it will also save energy because companies wont need to make new products.
Continuing on is the story of Erek Hansen, Cassandra Lin, and Gabrielle Posard from, who began helping out the environment at different ages and continue in doing so by talking to grocers to donate food to the hungry so that those foods wouldn’t end up in landfills. Cassandra Lin helped turn cooking oil into fuel so that families could use it as...

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