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Ginger Williams
GKE Task 1

Geography plays a very vital role in the development of the early human societies. The development occurred as people of different regions interacted with others and shared as well as extended their acquired knowledge. This led to primitive people establishing and populating the regions. Physical geography and the culture of the people of Mesopotamia shaped the society of the day (Maisels, 1999). Just as Mesopotamia, the same physical geography is seen to have contributed to the development of United States through the process of diffusion of people and their ideas.
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They revolutionised the military strategies. They spread through the Middle East and they found their way to Egypt. In Egypt, the chariot is attributed to being introduced in that country by the Hykos invaders and they contributed immensely to the success of the Egyptians. In early civilization the chariots were mostly used for warfare purposes. The Egyptians improved the chariot and they invented the yoke saddle. The harnesses were made in such a way that they could carry more than one horse. Other civilisations that are known to have used the chariot for warfare purposes are the Romans, and the Persians. The chariots were viewed as a symbol of power and military prowess.
The geography of the United States contributed to its development and expansion. The economic development of this country involved westward expansion of people in that continent. The first settlement of people was on the east side and they started to expand the territories as they moved westward. The geography of the land made it easy to travel. From this westward spread of the...

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