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Human Services Worksheet Essay

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Human Services Professional Worksheet

BSHS 355
September 16, 2014
University of Phoenix Material

Human Services Professional Worksheet

Select three agency types from the following list:

|A drug and alcohol treatment program |A hospital rehabilitation center (A physical rehabilitation center) |
|A homeless shelter |A crisis intervention center |
|A day treatment drop-in center for teenagers | ...view middle of the document...

|and with the abuse. This is often a |
| |programs can have many components. |care. There are generally a large | |traumatic time for the victim. |
| |Shelters are available for |percentage of young children who |Victims in the program wishing to move| |
| |individuals needing protection from |are in need of protection in |on with their lives, away from the |Often, victims come to the shelter with |
| |violence. Additionally, some services|addition to the individual seeking |perpetrator, will find advocates |nothing, and they need help putting their|
| |provide resources to individuals once|help. These programs generally do |available to work with them. These |lives back together. The role of the |
| |they leave the shelter to help them |not provide service for males, as |advocates help program participants |professional is to help with emotional |
| |regain independence. |outpatient services are offered for|find work, housing, legal support, and|recovery, finding work and shelter, and |
| | |violators of the female population.|other services in the community. Some |rebuilding their lives. |
| | | |shelters can provide some form of | |
| | | |legal assistance. | |
|A drug and alcohol |A drug and alcohol treatment program |Drug and alcohol abuse treatment |In an inpatient drug and alcohol |The period of care and treatment varies |
|treatment program |provides inpatient help to clients |programs focus mainly on the abuser|treatment program, the attending staff|but is usually an average length of stay |
| |who have substance abuse or |itself but will often times |is comprised of a multidisciplinary |of three to five days. Inpatient drug and|
| |dependency issues. A full continuum |incorporate the family as well. |group. This group will usually consist|alcohol treatment programs provide |
| |of care within a drug and alcohol |Involving family members has proven|of board-certified psychiatrists, |structured, secure detoxification for |
| |abuse, treatment program is helpful |to have outcomes that are more |licensed clinical social workers, |adults with...

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