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Human Services Essay

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What Is Human Services
In the human services field there are various directions that anyone may turn to in this profession. If it is social work, counseling, psychology, etc., the goal in these fields is to help those people who come to a professional in need. Helping them turn in the right direction to improve their lives and those around them. We all have basic needs. Some people are not able to meet those basic needs by themselves, so they need the help of someone in human services.
Human service professionals help people by removing any barriers with that person’s life that could keep him or her from meeting their needs. Supporting them and the community, and helping them function at ...view middle of the document...

With these laws next came the Elizabethan Poor Laws. These laws became the foundation of American social welfare policy. When the English began to colonize into America in the sixteenth century, there became a need to have a more organized relief for the poor. Anyone who was able would help the poor. They then began to use the English poor laws of 1601. This is how social welfare policy became what it is today in the United States. With these new policies came other things as well within the social welfare policy, such as intervention strategies.
Assessment is the first step in the intervention strategies in the human services field. In order to find what the client needs an assessment is needed. Along with the assessment, active listening skills and good observations skills need to be applied. Acquiring good listening skills can help the human service professional be able to listen to their client without distraction by other things and the client will have the professional’s full attention. As far as the observation skills, watching closely to how the client’s body reacts when he or she is talking will give the human services professional some idea of the client’s issues. By watching these behaviors a human services professional may discover something more going on with their client who is not telling everything to the professional. The client is not being honest or forthcoming to what he or she is saying to the professional. Through good observation the human services professional can tell if the client’s behavior seems off from what he or she are saying. For example, a good observation skill could be used in a case of child maltreatment. Programs are available to prevent this maltreatment of children. A very affective one is visitation programs because of the regular contact between the family and a home visitor. The visitor can help with a variety of different issues within the household to help prevent any maltreatment of the children in the home (Asawa, Hansen, & Flood, 2008).
Another assessment process is through psychological testing. In this process the human service professional can take assessments through inventories with clients in various ways. For those who do not talk much they can consider letting them draw out what they are feeling on paper. For those that prefer to talk, sit, and have a conversation with them and let them tell what is on their mind.
Counseling is another intervention strategy that is used by most human service professionals. In using this strategy the professional will help clients develop better coping skills. They may have problems dealing with levels of stress in their lives and through counseling they can learn to manage that stress through any crisis. Through counseling the client may develop new social skills as well as helping him or her develop a better support system.
Some other interventions can be helping clients with regulating their emotions. This means to keep their emotions...

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