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Children can be endangered because they need adults to care for them. They can experience problems with education, poverty, homelessness, and poor care from parents or guardians.

Children need love, care, protection, and guidance from adults. Children can face mental health issues due to environmental problems, or they might have problems related to a mental disability. The needs of children may vary based on specific conditions.
Children need physical care and protection from older, abusive children or adults. Children also need food, clothing, and shelter to feel safe.

Children are vulnerable and need physical, mental, and emotional protection. When a family is poor or homeless, the ...view middle of the document...

Criminals that are apprehended and found guilty of crimes will most likely face incarceration. While incarcerated, they face issues of overcrowding, poor health care and potential violence in everyday life. Though these are very challenging circumstances, this is a natural consequence for the criminal; violate the law, and be imprisoned. Once their time is served and they are released back into the world of the free, the challenge continues.
As stated previously there are health care concerns from being incarcerated. The cost for health care alone while being incarcerated varies but in California it is $12,442 per inmate per year ("Legislative Analyst’s Office", 2013). As the number of inmates continues to rise it is challenging to continue to pay this amount. Education is also a need that can go unmet. It has been said that the average inmate reading level is between 5th grade and 8th grade.
After an inmate leaves prison he or she will face continued challenges. These challenges begin with finding gainful employment. There are very few employers willing or able to take a chance on an ex-felon. There are programs and services that are available for them such as: state appointed probation officer, halfway houses, and even federal grants available to employers as incentives to hire ex-felons.
Once released from prison, certain criminals will be assigned a probation officer. The probation officer serves multiple roles, one of which is a case manager. They keep track of their clients, provide regularly scheduled drug testing, and guide them towards potential places of employment. Most states offer services through the department of human services providing job training and re-entry back into mainstream life.
There are multiple issues that homeless people face. The simple fact that they live in the...

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