Human Service Profession Essay

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Human Services Profession
Susan Breedlove, Bambi Shelnutt, Tosha Hawes, Frances Macmillan
July 27, 2015
Ellen Biros

Human Services Profession
Someone who works in human services works with children and families, caseworkers at DCS, licensed social workers, and residential directors at social service agencies, human service technicians or assistants. They will also work with professional like Psychologist and counselors. Where a social worker offers financial, personal, mental health and physical assistance to disadvantaged and disabled individuals to help them get back on their feet. (PSG, 2015) They both play vital roles in the social services field helping people regain control over issues they may ...view middle of the document...

Someone that has experience domestic violence may consider becoming a Domestic violence crisis worker because they understand how hard it is to talk to someone and can make that person feel more at ease and safer. Wanting to help those that cannot help themselves has a lot to do with choosing this as a career.
Human services is not just a job but a career. Becoming a human services screener, human services liaison, behavioral management aide, case management aide and a probation officer can help others.(HSE, 2015) Working as community outreach worker, juvenile court liaison, probation officer or rehabilitation case worker will allow you to speak for someone that may not be able to speak on their behalf. (LO, 2015) There are many different options for someone that wants to work in the human service field.
The Phoenix Career site can help you research and apply for jobs in the field, by putting together the things that interest you. It is very easy to navigate and with the questions it produces relevant job listings in your area. It gives you something to work for and tells you the things you need to have to or know to get your dream job.

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