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Human Resources Information Systems Essay

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Information: Some Basic Guidelines
Human Resource Information at Macro Level
Human Resource Information at Micro Level
Effective Human Resource Information System: Some Approaches
Why Computerise Personnel Records and Information Systems?
Computer Applications in Human Resource Management: An Overview
Let Us Sum Up
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After having read this Unit, you should be able to:

understand the dynamics of information system and its use as a tool for

examine the significance of information in ...view middle of the document...

You will need the know-how
to gather relevant data, analyse manpower demand and supply, and how to apply this
information to improve job efficiency and manpower utilisation. Whether you are

auditing the current situation or looking forward, you will need information and
reliable data, any way, in order to make best decisions or to move into new direction.
Gone are the times when decisions about future could be based on hunches. Now you
need to collect hard data in order to make the future events more manageable than
before. Increasingly, human resource professionals and specialist managers wanting
to introduce a new manpower planning system or improve an existing one, use
information as an invaluable aid in decision making. This tool is developed by
systematising the processes of collecting, maintaining, analysing and reporting
HRIS Defined
From the above, a general definition of Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
is developed. Thus, Human Resource Information System provides a method by
which an organisation collects, maintains, analyses and reports information on
people and jobs. The information contained in the HRIS serves as a guide to
recruiters, trainers, career planners and other human resource specialists. It applies to
information needs at macro level as well as to the micro level.
In this Unit whereas human resource information at the macro level is considered
briefly, rest of the discussion is devoted to the human resource information at the
micro level, i.e., the enterprise level. The Unit also discusses some approaches to
build an effective HRIS and the utility of computer applications in this regard.

It has already been noted that without information, it is very difficult to initiate the
planning process. For example in order to plan the tourism development of a
destination one would need information about the number of expected tourist arrivals,
number of beds available, number of guides required, etc. Similarly, any organisation
dealing in providing tourism services needs information to plan operations and
thereby look for the manpower to manage them. Hence, in order to make information
useful and effective, the following key points need to be taken note of:
1) Adequacy of information: Lack of information hinders planning and will leave
unfilled gaps.
2) Specificity of information: If the information is for decision making, then which
decisions are to be made and what information is needed, therefore, must be
made specific.
3) Over-estimating information: It is desirable to follow a conservative approach.
It is better to understate the need than to waste resource on unused mass of
4) Identifying need levels: There is a need for different levels of detail of
5) Mechanism for addition/deletion: The how and when of information to be
added/deleted should be considered.
6) Management support:...

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