Human Resource Strategy Essay

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Module 1 – Day 1

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1. Explain what human resource management is
and how it relates to the management
2. Show with examples why human resource
management is important to all managers.
3. Illustrate the human resources
responsibilities of line and staff (HR)
4. Briefly discuss and illustrate each of the
important trends influencing human resource

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5. List and briefly describe important trends in
human resource management.

6. Define and give an example of evidencebased human resource management.

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HRM - Definition
Human Resource Management (HRM) is
the process of ...view middle of the document...

• Onset of industry:
– Manage factors of production.
• Unions:
– Industrial relations professional.
• End of WWII:
– Peacetime industry and prosperity.
– Personnel administrator.
• Civil Rights and Litigation:
– Human resource manager / compliance
• Global Business:
– Strategic human resource management

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• The bottom line of managing:
Getting results
• HR creates value by engaging in
activities that produce the employee
behaviors that the organization needs
to achieve its strategic goals.
• Looking ahead: Using evidence-based
HRM to measure the value of HR
activities in achieving those goals.
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• Line Manager
– Is authorized (has line authority) to direct the
work of subordinates and is responsible for
accomplishing the organization’s tasks.

• Staff Manager
– Assists and advises line managers.
– Has functional authority to coordinate
personnel activities and enforce organization

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1. Placing the right person on the right job
2. Starting new employees in the organization
3. Training employees for jobs that are new to
4. Improving the job performance of each
5. Gaining creative cooperation and developing
smooth working relationships

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6. Interpreting the firm’s policies and procedures
7. Controlling labor costs
8. Developing the abilities of each person
9. Creating and maintaining department morale
10.Protecting employees’ health and physical

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Functions of
HR Managers

Line Function
Line Authority
Implied Authority

Functional Authority

Staff Functions
Staff Authority

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FIGURE 1–2 Human Resources Organization
Chart for a Small Company

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Labor relations

EEO coordinator

Job analyst

Training specialist


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New HR Services Groups

Transactional HR

HR group

HR unit

Centers of

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• Focuses on using centralized call
centres and outsourcing arrangements
with vendors to provide specialized
support in day-to-day transactional HR
activities to the company’s employees

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• Focuses on assisting top management
in “top level” big picture issues such as
developing the company’s long-term
strategic plans.

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• Assigns HR generalists (HR Business
Partners) directly to departments like
sales and production, to provide the
localized human resource management
assistance the departments need.

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• Functions like specialized HR consulting
firms within the company – like providing
specialized assistance in areas such as
organizational change.

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